11 keys that will help you save in summer – Debts and Loans

The temperature is rising and we all think about parties and vacations. Two large payments, so in Lady Honoria Dedlock we tell you 11 tips that will help you save money :

1- Take advantage of sunlight: Indispensable to save on electricity billing take advantage of long days and sunlight to naturally illuminate your home!

2- Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables: Take advantage of seasonal products when making purchases. This way you will be saving money and eating fresh fruits and vegetables. It is also important to know that bulk products are usually cheaper than packaged ones.

3- Plan your purchases: This tip works for the whole year! Planning is essential to save. With planning you may be able to buy non-perishable merchandise from a wholesaler or advance Christmas purchases to avoid overpricing or chaos in the premises in the days before the holidays.

4- Take advantage of seasonal sales: If you need to save money but you have to renew your wardrobe, you can take advantage of seasonal sales. So you can buy new clothes at a reasonable price.

5- Use the air in moderation: We do not need to expand on the rate increases. If on hot days you want to use an air conditioner, we recommend that you be cautious with consumption: It is best to set the temperature between 24 and 26º C, but in addition to this, it is important that we have equipment that is efficient (A +++), as well as monitor its maintenance and clean the filters every year.

6- Lower the temperature of the water heater or water heater: It is no longer necessary to have such hot water for bathing, so you can lower the gas consumption by lowering the intensity of the water heater or water heater. Another key is to turn off the stoves, in summer it is not necessary to keep the pilot. This way you will save money from your gas bill!

7- Avoid the oven: Summer lends itself to eating cold foods such as salads. Take advantage of not turning on the oven so you save money and do not heat the environments in your home.

8- Avoid traveling in high season: it is known that travel, hotels and restaurants tend to increase their prices in high season. If you want to save on vacation , we recommend that you travel out of season, for example, if you want to go to the coast, it will be cheaper if you travel in December or the second half of February than if you travel in January. In addition to saving money you will have more space for you and your family.

Share a trip

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If you are thinking of going on a trip, maybe you can save some pesos on the trip by sharing your trip with other people who go to the same destination.

9- Use apps to save on vacations : There are a huge number of applications in the market specially designed to help you find cheap flights and hotels at a great price. Have the technology on your side to save more!

Reduced your debts

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Liquidating your debts is one of the best ways to save money, so try to reduce them as much as you can, whether it’s credit card debts , loans , and any other you may have; which will give you more to save.

We hope these tips help you save on this vacation! Enjoy the summer!

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