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Some people think the world would be a better place if it wasn’t for money. In their opinion, money is the originator of all evil. Others believe that money, on the other hand, drives the world forward. What is your opinion? Is the money something that causes you and your family fears and stress, or do you see money as something that gives you the opportunity to do what you want in life?

It is important to understand how you and your closest perceive the money and the role they play in your home. Do they give you the chance to fly, or do they hinder and restrict you?


Your attitude towards money

Your attitude towards money

You often say that you belong to those people who never save a crown? Do you believe that some people simply manage money better than others? If so, why is that? Why do you think that you and your family can’t save any money?

People tend to blame themselves for not being able to save anything, such as their low-paying employer, or the city where they live and which is expensive. Think about it: if you changed jobs or moved to another city, would your habits and approach to saving and spending money change automatically? We believe it is not.

One thing is to be poorly paid for your work and live in an expensive place when you have a low income. In many cases, however, this is how we perceive money and what priority we attach to it in our lives. This is what affects the status of our bank account at the end of the month.

Studies have shown that those who see money as a means of power are more likely to face financial problems than those who take money as a source of security. Studies have also shown that worrying about how much money we spend, buying things in an effort to improve our mood or unwillingness to admit that our approach is wasteful is what is most dangerous. Instead, we should perceive money as something that gives us opportunities and security. Then there is less chance of experiencing financial stress.


Understand your motivation


If we are not attentive and do not try to understand our relationship to money, it will be like throwing peas on the wall. As the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said: “Wealth is like sea water. The more you drink it, the more thirsty you are. “

There is nothing wrong with buying material goods – new car, new furniture, new clothes … More importantly, understanding the hidden motivation behind such a need. Ask yourself how the purchase will enrich you and how specifically it will contribute to your better life. It is important to have a healthy attitude towards money so that you can live comfortably while saving something and avoiding unnecessary spending.


Money leads to more opportunities

Money leads to more opportunities

When you have money, you also have more options. For example, take a job search. If you have financial resources, whether from your own funds, from a credit card or a loan, it means that you are in a stronger position and you can carefully consider all the opportunities. If not, you are more compelled to take the first bid that comes up. When you have money, you can choose and look for more suitable opportunities.

When you have money, many doors open to the world – you can travel freely, pay for unexpected repairs, replace old and broken things, and buy the ones you need. If you see money as access to multiple options and a source of security, you are less likely to experience financial problems.

So what is your relationship to money?

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